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Heavy Sound Labs is redefining what it means to be a record label - we’re a music technology company looking for today's next emerging stars & Developing them into CREATIVE entrepreneurs. We are a team of problem solvers providing talent with proprietary tools, strategy, and information to grow their careers. At Heavy Sound, we partner with artists at the development stage and strategically apply resources to amplify their audience and gain cultural traction.

Based on my experience in the music business, I understand that a partnership is a serious relationship and commitment from both parties and in any successful relationship, communication is key. At Heavy Sound we are selective, being that everyone doesn't deserve the sauce. We begin our process through a series of questions to try to understand who you are to some degree as a person and creative - beyond the music and analytics.

Our “Heavy Crew” is a creative collaborative community that we are developing which will consist of brand ambassadors, college interns and artists of all walks. Once again we’re very selective about our “Crew” as you should be about yours. But, if you have a natural love for music and an interest in the business side this could be a great opportunity for you. Click on the “Heavy Crew” BUTTON to learn more & apply to the program.

Once we get a sense of where you are on your journey, we can better determine if we are currently suited to help you achieve your goals. If Heavy Sound Labs sounds like a fit for you, just hit the "join" tab and answer the application in an honest manner. Thank you and no matter what - good luck on your endeavors.